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2017 Rule Changes

Rule 2, Section 9: Outlines the certification changes to eyewear protection.

Rule 2, Section 10: Outlines the ASTM certification changes to headgear.

Rule 5, Section 1: Players below the restraining lines on the draw may not cross until possession has been established.

Rule 5, Section 28: Stick checks may only be requested during a stoppage of the game clock.

Rule 5, Section 28: Stick checks may be requested immediately following regulation or overtime.

Rule 6, Section 1: Adjusted the “note” to remove ‘looking to shoot’ from the Obstruction of Free Space criteria.

Rule 6, Section 2f: Added the wording “except with a kicking action on a non-shooting attempt” to the rule that ‘players may not use their bodies to play the ball.’

Rule 7, Section2: Penalty administration for dangerous shot and illegal shot to be aligned, with the ball being given to the closest defender no closer than 8m to the goal.

2016 Rule Changes

Rule 1, Section 9: Two small circles/dots shall be added to the field marking and placed five yards below the goal line in line with the 8-meter mark on goal line extended. These marks will designate the spot for the ball to be put in play when a foul occurs in the critical scoring area below the goal line.

Rule 2, Section 5: The ball may be lime green in addition to yellow or bright orange in color.

Rule 2, Section 8:Mouthpieces shall be any color other than clear or white and must not have graphics of white teeth. This adjustment makes it easier to determine if a player is properly wearing a mouthpiece.

Rule 2, Section 9: Eyewear used in 2016 may meet the ASTM standard of F803 or F3077. The new ASTM standard (F3077) shall be in effect on January 1, 2017.

Rule 2, Section 10: Effective January 1, 2017, the only optional headgear allowed for use must meet the new ASTM standard, F31317.

Rule 2, Section 14: Effective January 1, 2018, home team jerseys shall be light in color and visitor jerseys must be dark in color.

Rule 2, Section 16: Effective January 1, 2018, visible undergarments (long or short sleeve) must correspond to the team’s predominate jersey color, or be light in color with a light jersey and dark in color with a dark jersey.

Rule 2, Section 17: Eye black must be one solid stroke with no logos/numbers/letters and shall not extend further than the width of the eye socket or below the cheekbone.

Rule 3, Section 10: Beginning January 1, 2017, the game must be officiated by at least two certified officials. Three officials are recommended.

Rule 4, Section 7: Overtime play shall be sudden victory (first goal ends the game).

Rule 4, Section 7:In overtime, there shall be no substitutions during the changing of ends.

Rule 5, Section 1 and Rule 5, Section 19: The goalkeeper must remain below the restraining line on the draw.

Rule 5, Section 2 and Rule 5, Section 19: The goalkeeper may not draw, shoot or score for her own team.

Rule 5, Section 20: The throw shall be eliminated and replaced by a procedure of alternate possession. The winner of the coin toss shall have the option of choosing ends of the field or having the first possession that occurs.

Rule 5, Section 23: The penalty administration for an illegal player discovered after a goal and before play is restarted shall be at the center.

Rule 5, Section 28: Stick check requests must include the number of the player whose stick is to be checked.

Rule 6, Section 1: A new foul for dangerous contact has been added. Dangerous contact shall be any action that thrusts or shoves any player, with or without the ball, who is in a defenseless position. This includes blind side, head down, or from behind.

Rule 6, Section1j: The free position for a three seconds violation will be the spot of the ball.

Rule 7, Section 28: The delay of game progression has changed. The first violation remains the same. On the next delay of game, the official will show a green and yellow card to the offending player and award the appropriate penalty (major foul). The offending player must leave the field for two minutes of elapsed playing time. No substitute is allowed. Any subsequent delay of game calls will result in a yellow card for misconduct.

Rule 7, Section 31: On goalkeeper misconduct, if a second goalkeeper is dressed, she must enter the game. A field player may not substitute for the goalkeeper.

Rule 8, Definition of Terms: The Critical Scoring Area shall be defined by the 12-meter fan in front of the goal and the area behind the goal between the 12-meter marks at the goal line extended and extending to the end line.


2015 Rules Changes

Rule 2, Section 5: The ball shall be yellow or bright orange in color and meet the current NOCSAE lacrosse ball standard at the time of manufacture.

Rule 2, Section 8: Mouthpieces shall cover the leading arch. This adjustment allows for a player whose leading arch is her bottom teeth to wear a mouth guard on the bottom.

Rule 2, Section 13: Legal player numbers are 0-99. A team may not have both 1 and 01, 2 and 02, etc. Those are considered the same number. Also, beginning in the 2017-18 school year, double-zero, 01, 02, 03, etc. will no longer be legal numbers.

Rule 3, Section 7: Cameras in goal cages may now be used with some restrictions.

Rule 3, Section 10: Beginning January 1, 2017, the game must be officiated by at least two US Lacrosse rated officials. Three officials are recommended.

Rule 5, Section 2: To clarify draw positioning, the wording was adjusted to state that opponents on the draw must each stand with one foot toeing the line and both feet must be on the same side.

Rule 5, Section 28: The number of stick check requests shall be two.

Rule 5, Section 28: When an illegal stick is found after a goal, the restart shall be at the center.

Rule 6, Section1m: Adjusted the definition of Forcing Through to eliminate the words "in such a way as to cause her own crosse to contact her body."

Rule 6, Section 1s/w: Consolidation of "Detaining" and "Holding" foul.

Rule 7, Section 25: The goalkeeper may return to her goal circle if she has moved outside the goal circle during the slow whistle (flag raised) and has not fouled.

Rule 7, Section 35: When a suspended or ejected player (one who is no longer eligible to return to play for that game) reenters the game, it shall be Coach Misconduct.

Only one rule change was made specifically to the youth rules. Starting in 2015, there shall not be more than three coaches in the defined coaching area. This adjustment was made to assist with sideline management while still allowing for appropriate team supervision.

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